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Art & Lights in Filicudi

Marina           Klemente
I have always been inclined to extreme choices, to little-frequented places where "feel" without excessive disturbances, sometimes looking for the emotion of large crowds moving in unison.
I remember observing, from an early age, how human insanity can be, with the stupid cruelty and obtuse vanity that distinguish us.  Abuse is inherent in the nature of every living being and even vegetation, when it can, tends to do so.
Sometimes humanity is also wise, and that is all we can hope for.
I have lived for a long time in Filicudi, a remote tiny island in Sicily, where anything can be, at the same time, Very  simple or really complicated.
I am usually totally surrounded and immersed in nature (I live and work in  Case-Grotta!) But I'm passionate about science fiction, and I love to manipulate  the material that surrounds me, in this very special place,  always a source of curiosity and pleasure for all of us.
My work is currently expressed in abstract and naturalistic essentiality of my "lights"  but also through  a kind of  proto-realism in the works of  sculpture.
My name is Marina Klemente and I consider myself a citizen of the world, the world to come, a world, I hope,  free for all of us.
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