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Rent a Cave-House

Experience it!

I live in a  House-Cave  made on the island of  Filicudi in two  independent units, located at different levels e  equipped with all the essential services.

My Casa-Grotta is a wonderful place to live, not to mention the breathtaking view it enjoys.

To reach it, however, it is necessary to walk the last 400 meters that connect it to the asphalted road. My cave-house is located on a pedestrian only street, the Municipal Road to Zucco Grande. This is the mostly uninhabited village and frequent destination for walks by both  tourists and the inhabitants of the island. 

It is possible to rent the cave house located on the upper level from June to October (max two-three people - 1 double bed with the possibility of 1 cot).

At least for a week.

Top level unit  consists of a single  large living room-bed, used  as a show room  when they are not there  guests.

You will be surrounded by my "works", sculptures and lamps, the latter to use if you wish.

grotta sopra INTERNO.jpg

Shelves are made  with driftwood or timber brought from the sea, mostly.

The kitchenette is  outside, as well as the area  sink and all kitchen equipment.

This whole area, with the dining table etc, are sheltered from the wind thanks to the natural conformation  to  semicircle of the rock.  



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